Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Finishes Update and Other Progress!

Hi everyone,

so this is what I have been up to in the past few weeks...

To start off with some Christmas Finishes, these are the Christmas Heart Hangings that were included in a cross stitch magazine. I've done these on beautiful hand dyed even weave (hand dyed with fennel by my mother, very nice of my sister to share), and I have changed the colours used to some hand dyed threads (also stolen from my sisters stash).

These Christmas Heart Hangings I am going to make into little pillows to hang from my christmas tree, promise I will post a photo of it when its all done.

Next up is the beautiful cross stitch I recently just had to buy on etsy from the LittleStitcherShop, "The Snowy Forest". I have finished the bigger piece of the three, have another two little pieces to stitch for this beautiful decoration. Again I have altered some of the threads and done this on hand dyed evenweave (hand dyed with curry+elderflower by my mother, some more from my sisters stash, I am blessed to have such a wonderful sister)

Excitingly, I have bought another pattern from LittleStitcherShop today which I am very excited to start stitching for Christmas soon.

My Michael Powell Project: Beach Huts series has only progressed a very small amount but here it is:

Beach Hut series
And for last I saved my update on the Extravaganza Challenge that I am doing with Lija. I am proud to say that I have almost finished my first row of pages of my HEAD project.

My last progress as seen on 18th June
Current update


Till next time....

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  1. Lovely finishes and great progress in your wips.
    I love the idea of dying fabric, it looks so pretty.
    Have a good week.