Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Time for an Update...

Been a while again, just don't get the time to update these days but I have been working on a few projects over christmas and the start of this year.

So here is what I have been up to:

To start with an exciting finish, a Bookmark kit by Michael Powell:

"Bookmark: Greek Village" by Michael Powell

Then another Michael Powell Bookmark finish, done for my mums birthday present:

"Bookmark: Spanish Hill Town" by Michael Powell

I am also going to be doing yet another for my sisters birthday. Family Michael Powell bookmark madness. Just got the kit through the post today, its the "Bookmark: Tall Italian House":

Another Michael Powell project I have been working on for a while now has progressed a fair bit. Last time I had:

30th November 2014
And this is where I got up to:

Current Progress

I think its also time to update my head progress as I have finally finished the first raw and began on the next. Very excited for this to move on to the eyes and more detail then just background and hair....

30th November 2014

This is where I am up to now:

Current Progress

Detail of last page in raw 1

Detail of first page progress on raw 2

Other projects that I received as presents for Christmas and Birthday are:

Still have to start on these. And also the other exciting two stitches:

And to finish of my update an exciting project that I am working on for my sister. The very first to stitch one of her own creations based on her beautiful robin painting. My progress so far on the first page:

"Robin" by Lija Broka

Very excited for this one as is the experimental version to make sure the colours work and to go on to the cover of her design pages....

Well thats it for now. Till next time......