Sunday, May 27, 2012

Toby Fox

Finished Toby Fox

As a break form all my university work I quickly cross stitched this cute design by DMC, from the collection of Woodland Folk. It was an easy quick stitch that I enjoyed greatly, cross stitching and the weather is making me not want to get back to uni stuff. But I guess only one week more and I can start the summer extravaganza with Lija.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My very first TUSAL!!

'TUSAL' may 2012

My very first TUSAL of which I am very proud of. Having recently decided that I am going to empty my little pot every month to see my progression. It will also make a wonderful comparisons of my achievements each month. But having not the heart to throw all this away just yet I am also going to create a bottle where I shall see my progression throughout. Which I will probably post on here every half a year to show how beautifully that is coming along.

Always being a very artistic person I decided that this will be not only fun but will provide me with a decorative bottle that I could proudly display in my living room!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some more Somebunny to Love

Somebunny to Love: Eskimo Kiss

Design by DMC. Here I have made a terrible mistake having completely forgotten that the background is a half stitch. Awful mistake that now will have to be unpicked. 

 Somebunny to Love: Bunny Summer

Another DMC design with a mistake, some of the grass was a half stitch, similarly to the above one will have to be unpicked and redone. Yet it is a lovely design which I have started last year. 

These designs are also my work in progress of the collection of Somebunny to Love.

Somebunny to Love: Bouncing Bunny

Another I can proudly present as a finished piece.

Cute design by DMC. Easy to cross stitch, completed this one last year. The first Somebunny to Love that I most certainly fell in love with. This is the piece that started my obsession of Somebunny to Love...  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gold Nuggets

Work in progress...

A delicate design by Kathryn White. Beautiful design proven rather hard due to the dark nature of the fabric. I only dare attempt this one at day time, hence why will most likely take me ages to complete.

Delicate delight

Back stitch needs completion, work in progress.

Red Rose study design by Lesley Teare. Magnificent creation, showing sketch study through cross stitching. A pleasurably light stitch. 

Somebunny to Love: Off to explore

Work in progress...

Design by DMC.

Somebunny to Love: Making friends

Still in progress...

Another wonderful design by DMC.

Somebunny to Love: Ballerina Bunny

One of my first finished pieces.

Design by DMC.