Monday, March 9, 2015

More of Michael Powell...

Hi everyone, this is what I have been up to lately. As you well know of my obsession with Michael Powell I have been working on pretty much that and dreaming about what next Michael Powell to invest in.

So to start of with a finish. The second of the trilogy of Michael Powell project "Beach Huts"

"Beach Hut I" by Michael Powell
Here are the two finished pieces that I have done, one left to go to have a complete collection.

"Beach Hut I and II" by Michael Powell
I have started the third piece recently and quite excited to get that developed to complete my project. After these pieces are all complete I am planning on Making them into three pillows to go as decoration in my bedroom.

Start of "Beach Hut III" by Michael Powell

Another Michael Powell madness addition is the update on my third bookmark progress. This is going to be a present to my sister, another exciting project I can't wait to finish:

"Bookmark: Tall Italian House" by Michael Powell

Till next time....