Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yes another bookmark!!

I am glad to say I managed to complete my sisters presents on time, therefore I have two beautiful little finishes to share with you:

Yet another Michael Powell bookmark, one may say I am obsessed:

'Bookmark: Tall Italian House' by Michael Powell

And the other is my very first pin cushion finish, still room for improvement but very proud of how it turned out:
Pretty Roses
This finish was a nice little practice to get into the swing of things of sewing. I have recently started on the making of my Michael Powell 'Beach Huts Trilogy' pillow cases. Managed to invest in some beautiful creamy/white fabric and some beautiful white and cream lace for decorations. Hopefully will be able to update you on how they turn out very soon. Though I do still have one of them to finish (back stitching being a pain).

I also have started a beautiful Michael Powell Luxury Giant Chart 'Pot of Flowers' it is coming along beautifully and I am hoping to get the remaining threads that I am missing and finish this gorgeous design before the summer.
'Pot of Flowers' by Michael Powell

I also compiled most of the required threads for yet another Michael Powell chart that would match my such beloved bookmark that I have stitched few months ago:

'Greek Village' by Michael Powell

And some other excited cute little kits my sister gave away to me include the absolutely adorable bird designs by Madeleine Floyd and a beautiful flower kit:

Kits by Madeleine Floyd

'The Country Diary of am Edwardian Lady'
She also speared me a really gorgeous chart, which I will need to find the threads for, but pretty excited to start at some point:

'Nature's Beauty'
Till next time....

Saturday, April 4, 2015

April update

So here is what I have been up to in the last month:

First of a lovely finish a beautiful design 'Cherry Tree' by The Sunflower Diaries

'Cherry Tree' by Sunflower Diaries
Enjoyed this cute little cross stitch, made a nice break from all the stress I have been having lately. Haven't yet decided what I would like to make this piece into, my ideas so far is to either frame it or to make it into a lovely hanging.

Some of my other development includes my almost finished third piece for the Michael Powell trilogy collection 'Beach Huts'

'Beach Hut III' by Michael Powell

Just the back stitching left on this one, quite excited to get this collection finished. Probably time to drag out my sewing machine and find the white cotton fabric I hid somewhere for the finishing of these gorgeous three pillows.

My other fascinating news is that I managed to take out my long forgotten SomeBunny to Love starts and get a bit more done on those. Sadly couldn't find all the thread to finish them but will be looking into investing in some threads some time this summer.

Somebunny to Love 'Making Friends'

Somebunny to Love

Another update is on my Michael Powell bookmark that I  have been stitching for my sisters birthday present. Finally managed to unpick the wrong colour and correct the mistakes. This one will have to be finished by the end of this month so currently at the top of my list to finish.

'Bookmark: Tall Italian House' by Michael Powell
And to finish of I have done a little progress on the two projects by Judy Rossouw:

'I Feel a bit light headed' by Judy Rossouw

'Lean on me' by Judy Rossouw

Hoping to get a few of these finished in the next couple of months....