My Finishes...

So here are my finishes so far:

Michael Powell Beach Huts series:

"Beach Hut I" by Michael Powell

"Beach Hut II" by Michael Powell

Bookmarks Collection:

"Bookmark: Greek Village" by Michael Powell
"Bookmark: Spanish Hill Town" by Michael Powell

"Bookmark: Tall Italian House" by Michael Powell

My Somebunny to Love Collection:
"Somebunny to Love: Hello Bee!"

"Somebunny to Love: Ballerina Buuny"

"Somebunny to Love: Bouncing Bunny"

From Woodland Folk Collection:

"Toby Fox"

Hangings and Pin Cushions:

'Pretty Rose Pin Cushion'

"Christmas Heart Hanging"

"Christmas Heart Hanging 2"

"The Snowy Forest" by Little Stitcher

Other Beautiful Designs Collection:

"Delicate Delight" by Lesley Teare

"Cherry Tree" by Sunflower Diaries

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