Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Finishes Update and Other Progress!

Hi everyone,

so this is what I have been up to in the past few weeks...

To start off with some Christmas Finishes, these are the Christmas Heart Hangings that were included in a cross stitch magazine. I've done these on beautiful hand dyed even weave (hand dyed with fennel by my mother, very nice of my sister to share), and I have changed the colours used to some hand dyed threads (also stolen from my sisters stash).

These Christmas Heart Hangings I am going to make into little pillows to hang from my christmas tree, promise I will post a photo of it when its all done.

Next up is the beautiful cross stitch I recently just had to buy on etsy from the LittleStitcherShop, "The Snowy Forest". I have finished the bigger piece of the three, have another two little pieces to stitch for this beautiful decoration. Again I have altered some of the threads and done this on hand dyed evenweave (hand dyed with curry+elderflower by my mother, some more from my sisters stash, I am blessed to have such a wonderful sister)

Excitingly, I have bought another pattern from LittleStitcherShop today which I am very excited to start stitching for Christmas soon.

My Michael Powell Project: Beach Huts series has only progressed a very small amount but here it is:

Beach Hut series
And for last I saved my update on the Extravaganza Challenge that I am doing with Lija. I am proud to say that I have almost finished my first row of pages of my HEAD project.

My last progress as seen on 18th June
Current update


Till next time....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yes, Finally an Update!!

Been too long and I have yet again disappeared from the blogging world, but on the good note I didn't stop stitching.

Past few months have been hard, had to move houses....which means lots of packing, usual live out of a suitcase for a bit and finally unpacking and settling in. It also meant I had no internet for a bit due to having to wait for them to set it up and fix it when it wasn't working. Now that I am finally sorted I am hoping to appear here a lot more.

So here goes the exciting bit my progression:

The Michael Powell Project: Beach Huts series has progressed to me having actually finished one of the three pieces (middle part) and I have started another...

Finished Middle Part of the Project of Three

Start of the Other Part

Beach Huts series

My other exciting update is for the Lickle Picnic cross stitch kit which I got from my sister a while back. I am happy to say I have made a pretty good start on it...

Lickle Picnic Kit Start

Close up of Lickle Picnic 

I also started a beautiful design "Robin" which is my sisters very first stitching kit that I get the pleasure to get a vip pre-release stitch. But will have to keep it for an update next week, to keep you all excited in anticipation.

Till next week, hopefully.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Michael Powell New Exciting Project!

Finally a quick update and what I have been up to this past month:

I recently got a new project on the go, which is very naughty as still so many to finish. This one is a Michael Powell Beach Huts Series. It is also my very first project done on evenweave and therefore took a while getting used to.

I am currently doing my first one out of the three, yet for some strange reason I decided to start with the middle. This is my progress so far:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Progress Update on My On-going Projects...

So I have been cross stitching this past year little bits and bobs of projects and haven't had the time to update my blog properly. Therefore this massive update will be to show my projects on the go at the moment.

I am going to start of with showing my favourite Somebunny to Love collection additions that I have been working on, unable to finish due to lack of thread.

Somebunny to Love: BunnyMoon

Somebunny to Love: Making Friends

Somebunny to Love

Somebunny to Love: Bathtime bunny

On exciting note I have recently received an amazing present from my sister of more threads to continue stitching these beautiful bunnies:

Threads for Somebunny to Love 
Since on this topic I have another start to share with you that I have started end of last week. This one is a get well soon present from my sister that I received at the same time as the thread collection. I have been fascinated by Judy Rossouw designs lately and this was a gift of Lean On Me kit. Here is my progress so far:
Lean on Me
Loving this design greatly so another massive thank you to my sister for getting me this, so excited that it looks like I am soon going to finish this one...

Another exciting present that I got Lickle Picnic cross stitch kit  which I haven't had a chance to start yet, but I am sure I will very soon. I totally feel very spoilt with all my presents. Thanks again sis.

Lickle Picnic kit
To add to my Lickle Bear with a BIG heart collection I have a few more updates:

With Lickle Love
This is an update on the 'With Lickle Love' cross stitch I have been doing recently, it is now at a stage of back stitching. As much as I dislike this back stitch I hope to have this one finished by the end of summer. 

Another part of the collection Lickle Playtime that I have started a very long time ago, but had to unpick a fair bit due to a little mistake. So here it is finally ready for continuation:

Lickle Playtime

And a few more updates on a few other little projects:
Newton's Law: Miss You Lots
Fizzy Moon: ...with love x
Nelson's World

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Extravaganza

Part 12

Again big delay but I am happy to post a pretty big update on my HEAD, my forth page is now edging towards completion after which another half a page and I am on to the next raw. Very excited and therefore motivated. Also finally managed to get hold of my missing thread for the previous pages so starting to look more complete. So here goes: 

14th May 2014

Current Update


Sorry for the photo quality, tried using my phone app to do the update. But as can see my phone camera not as good.

Till next time....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Extravaganza (Yes, its Back!!)

Part 11

Massive apologies for my delayed post. So the Tuesday Summer Extravaganza is Back and I am over the moon excited to get back on it. Will try and make the update on time next Tuesday otherwise defeats the whole Tuesday bit.

So here goes this is where I am at now:

Current Progress

This page and a half to go and then I am on my second row.

Till next Tuesday...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lickle Ted: The Lickle Bear With the BIG Heart!

Le p'tit ours au GRAND coeur!

Apologies for the long time gone since my last  update but I haven't had the time for my cross stitching as much as I would have liked. So here is my development of one of my lovely packs from the Lickle Ted collection.

Till next time....