Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Summer Extravaganza 2012

Part 8

Yes I am finally back in the blog world and updating my summer extravaganza that has stretched into probably what is to come a fair bit more years, but I should get there in the end.

Having had a lot of health problems and lots of university to deal with I wasn't able to update at all these past couple of months but hopefully getting back to the blog world will encourage me to post my updates frequently however small the progress.

My summer extravaganza project last update was of two page progression. Just to remind you here is what I had in July:

July 2012

Here is what I have accomplished up till now:

December 2012
Till next Tuesday....


  1. What's going on here?! There is just too much done ... I need to pick up my pace I think. Well done ... looks good! Keep stitching xx

    1. I haven't done more than you, and you know i did a fair bit in august just never had the time to update, last week only did like one colour and thats it xx