Monday, May 21, 2012

My very first TUSAL!!

'TUSAL' may 2012

My very first TUSAL of which I am very proud of. Having recently decided that I am going to empty my little pot every month to see my progression. It will also make a wonderful comparisons of my achievements each month. But having not the heart to throw all this away just yet I am also going to create a bottle where I shall see my progression throughout. Which I will probably post on here every half a year to show how beautifully that is coming along.

Always being a very artistic person I decided that this will be not only fun but will provide me with a decorative bottle that I could proudly display in my living room!


  1. Sob dislike. Look at your glass - it's all shiny. Mine is plasticky and scraped. at best. Get excited for the fabric. Unless the postman steals it again.

    1. Thank you, its only the one i got from eating all that chocolate spread. I have a few more, can give you one as a present if you want.

      I bet the postman will steal it, I think he likes his cross stitching for free you know.